Angiomas are not actually moles.
Our body can signal health problems in different ways, for example, with the help of various rashes on the body. Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova said that the appearance of red neoplasms, which are called angiomas, indicates a malfunction in the liver. On her Instagram page, the specialist wrote that red “moles” that appeared on the surface of the skin, for example, on the neck, head, upper body are not dangerous. In such cases, it is worth contacting a specialist and taking tests. But it is not a fact that after the restoration of liver function, they will disappear on their own. You will need to contact a beautician to remove them.
But there are times when red angiomas appear inside tissues and organs, then there is already a threat to health. They are a tumor that needs to be cut out. In the case when the angioma is not available for surgical intervention, doctors suggest hormone treatment.
The endocrinologist says that you need to carefully examine your body and not miss such body signals. According to the doctor, red “moles” can occur at any age, and over time, their number may increase. If there is any change in the color or size of neoplasms on the body, you should consult a specialist.