For people who are not contraindicated onions, a Russian nutritionist recommends eating one small onion daily.
According to nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg, onions are among the foods that have anti-cancer potential.
“Many people have dormant foci of cancer that can become active. If inflammation occurs and affects these rudiments of tumors, processes leading to the expansive growth of neoplasms can occur, ”he said on television.
The specialist explained that a cancerous tumor grows when its “embryo” begins to grow with blood vessels that provide its nutrition. Some products contain substances that prevent this.
Among such foods that prevent the development of malignant tumors is onions, Ginzburg said.
“Onions contain querticin, which strengthens the vascular walls and has a general anti-inflammatory effect. In addition to onions, the oncostatic effect is inherent in garlic, turmeric, ginger, ”said the nutritionist.
Ginsburg specified that red onions are especially useful in this regard: they contain especially large doses of antioxidants